Why the name LotusConsulting?

In many parts of Asia, the lotus is a symbol of purity, creativity, transformation and enlightenment. The beauty of the lotus blossom, arisen from the mud, is obvious. Due to its ability to disclaim dirt, the lotus plant always appears "clean”.

Liquids and dirt cannot stick to the surface structure of the leaves, which is preventing it from harmful organisms. In our work we want to connect with these features.

Cleaning and Transformation

Just as the lotus has its roots in the mud at the bottom of the lake and its flowers flourish above the water, we consider the seemingly worthless as a form of resource.

Cleaning our living environment from harmful impacts, while at the same time contributing to added value in our society, is our main motivation.

Thus, the work of an Urban Water Management and Environmental Engineer is closely related to the symbol of the lotus plant. 

Integrated Infrastructure Systems and Research

The development of integrated infrastructure systems for water, sanitation, energy, waste, and organic resources management is our core competence.

This includes scientific evaluation and reports, project monitoring, project design, as well as planning and supervision.

In order to fully integrate projects at the level of stakeholders and beneficiaries, community participation processes, capacity development, moderation and mediation processes, are equally part of our services.

We hope you are interested in our approach and we are looking forward to common projects.